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  1. That's Going to be a +1 from me dawg.
  2. Chopz

    Hammer's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Big +1... Experienced, Trusted user who deserves Pac. Good luck!
  3. Chopz

    Azura's Ban Appeal

    Everyday there seems to be a new issue with you my friend. You keep saying that you are improving your behavior, but based off what i've seen and heard it doesn't seem you are quite there yet. I would suggest you take your 3 day ban on the chin and try to come back with a more positive attitude.
  4. Chopz

    Gunjies - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Decent Application... Would do well as a Mod. Good luck!
  5. Chopz

    Kumo - Dev Application - 23/06/2018

    I have to agree with this.
  6. Chopz

    Pac3 Tier 1 application

    +1 Decent application. Gl!
  7. Chopz

    ARMA beta test 1 -APPLY NOW-

    Steam Profile: RP name: Chopz Have you downloaded the mods: Yes
  8. Chopz

    RAFT - Game Giveaway

    Whitey & Jman <3
  9. Chopz

    Gunjies PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Big +1... Loyal active member of the community and in my opionion would not abuse PAC.
  10. Chopz

    Fliqq's Application

  11. +1 Nice app.. Good Luck!
  12. Chopz

    Gatsby - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Would make a great moderator.
  13. Chopz

    Icie's TMOD Application

    +1 Loyal trustworthy member of the community. Has the potential to be a good moderator. Application is well written and easy to read. Good Luck!
  14. Chopz

    FIiqqs' PAC Tier 2 Application

    +1 Definitely deserves tier 2 imo