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  1. Mythical's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    I think the examples you have presented are quite appropriate for a prophet, and also for a person who is just learning Pac. I see you around a lot on the server. I've never seen you minge or break any rules and you always ask questions when needed. +1
  2. Huge + 1 for this guy!
  3. Tier 2 pac application

    +1 Hes an alright bloke.
  4. Fives EM App

    Good to see a returning member actively trying to give back to the community. As for the application. The events you have suggested do sound pretty unoriginal, but i do like the detail you have put into them. I would also suggest adding some colour to make it easier to read. The warns are concerning but i do appreciate that you a trying to turn over a new leaf. From what ive seen since your return is that you are actively trying to revive the scar regiment which is great. For now I give this app a Neutral which will be subject to change in the near future. Good Luck.
  5. Who's going to remind me i have no friends now?
  6. Hey i am Mike

    Welcome Mike! Enjoy your time in inquisitors : )
  7. Veybur's Support Team Application

    Veybur is the reason why my garrys mod actually works on my PC. He also fixed my headset! Definitely a +1 from me.
  8. introduction

    New phone, who dis?
  9. Chopz's Trial Moderator application

    Thanks for the Support! And welcome back to the community! Glad to see you back in Sith : )
  10. Carnifex

    Lmao! Love it.
  11. zaspan's Trial Moderator Application

    This is definitely a +1 from me. I have never had an unpleasant experience with Zaspan. I also find him to be one of the most loyal and active players in this community.
  12. New Pilot Player Model

    These look great! +1
  13. Chopz's Trial Moderator application

    Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! Much appreciated
  14. Chopz's Trial Moderator application

    Thank's Carni!
  15. Chopz's Trial Moderator application

    Thanks Guys, I appreciate the feedback! There seems to be a general theme here of people not seeing me around even though i'm on everyday. I'll try to fix this by engaging you guys more!