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  1. Delta

    My Inactivity

    I'm in a theater show as well Epic
  2. Delta

    DS-01 Event Bloopers!

    Enjoy your trip Hahaha get chase you feel in engine room Pranked <3
  3. Delta

    Starting a new...

    Can't waiting wait to annoy you on bridge
  4. Delta

    Our place in the Cosmos

    And many more shall follow his death
  5. Delta

    996th and the battlestation

    Guard the pew pew room patrol guard engine room if you can find it
  6. Delta

    A shore-t story

    F i'll keep that in mind
  7. Delta

    A shore-t story

    After much thought and consideration I have decided to go back to shore After DS event thing is over @Basil @Bevan I'm coming back Thanks for responses everyone else
  8. Delta

    The Deathstar Firing!

    Ti coming for you Leaking private information to public
  9. Delta

    Life In The Imperial Press Corps

    my mic quality is really shit omg good vid
  10. Delta

    Hi I'm Alive Again

    my dude welcome back
  11. Delta

    Squids weeb corner.

    I prefer comedy anime's Got a recommendation?
  12. Delta

    General Romodi's Birthday Party

    Happy birthday rickle Wait Happy birthday Your older than rad cop wow Jk <3
  13. Delta

    Chris PAC3 Teir-1 App

    +1 Loyal Active
  14. Delta

    A shore-t story

    thanks for that joel great answer
  15. Delta

    A shore-t story

    good point but the Rp can only go so far