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    IMPERIAL GAMING FUTURE UPDATE/CHANGES Hello Imperial gaming community members and staff, in this post, I will be explaining the upcoming changes, ideas, and suggestions that we have been given and implementing/still discussing. So firstly I will be talking about upcoming changes to the website Changes to the website: The biggest changes to the website will be a fresh new look for the forums, this will involve removing the current theme and placing our own new custom theme done by a professional (aka not me). However, this is still being discussed and has no set completion date just yet. An idea I would like to bring in if done correctly is to profile music, however, this will be restricted to people with 300+ content count on the forums and tight rules will be in place with the songs. I would like for this addition to be for our senior members only due to I would like to reward our senior members for sticking with us all this time. This, however, is still to be discussed with the staff to see their opinions on this matter. We may be implementing a TeamSpeak integration for the website, so this means that whatever rank/ranks you have on the website will automatically be assigned to your UID in Teamspeak. This will allow the management team to assign everyone their correct ranks through the website only, this will also allow members to place a widget on there profile which shows what channel they are currently sitting in on Teamspeak however this is an option for members and they have to add it themselves to their profile through there settings, this is so if you don't want it then we won't force it on your profile, however, all staff will have to have it on for members who have questions or queries to have an easier way of contacting the staff. Changes to Teamspeak: This week we have been told news from TeamSpeak that Teamspeak 5 is in the works and has no current set date yet, however, we believe it is soon so when we have more news regarding TeamSpeak 5 our services from Teamspeak will be moved from TeamSpeak 3 to TeamSpeak 5 (As they skipped 4 ) however we will give ample warning before moving our services over and show everyone how to install the new version of Teamspeak and assist any member that requires help. Changes to Server: Recently Martibo, Moose and the Dev team have been working very hard to bring out new updates for the server which was explained in Martibos changelogs that he has done out of the kindness of his heart to explain to members the new additions. Now with this, I will be officially working on the new Quest system that will bring a new passive RP aspect to the server for when downtime is active and during Events. The way this will work is I will be picking 2-3 people to be official Quest Creators who will write Quests and send the ideas to me, now this will work differently to other servers by every 2-3 weeks the Quests will change and old ones will be deleted so there are new quests to work with and for it not to go stale. Rewards for completing quests will work by simply rewarding you with a new currency in the pointshop called "Quest Points" which will have a special tab that will allow you to buy special gear with the points and you can only buy that gear with the points as those points will not work with any other items in any other tabs. The npcs that give out the quests will be found at 2 different locations on the Star Destroyer for ease and 1 npc will be placed down each event map. The members who are the Quest makers will be compensated for there time and effort, however, compensation still is to be decided and how it will commence. This is all the information I can give to you at this time regarding Pointshop as I don't want to give out all the details as it would ruin it for when its implemented everyone will be dying to have a look. Moose has just made it so Players can no longer destroy ships with there body, which means that a ship can still ram and kill a player however if a mingey player decides to have a gun out when boarding the dropships and then gets pushed out resulting in the ship blowing up this will no longer happen, instead they will just fall out and no damage to the ship will be taken. Moose has also fixed the ships that we implemented on the server a while ago that are more High quality and better looking then our current ones so be on the lookout for the new ties, tie bombers and others. Martibo, Moose and the Dev team will also be working on other things and Martibo, in general, is working on a big project however they will bring out another changelog with everything included and in more detail when it is all implemented/when it is completed. Changes to Staff team (TEMP): As of 3 days ago, I am on a less active leave for a bit while a personal matter came up, for those who don't know my mother was taken to hospital and almost died to a blood infection, now before you worry everything is fine, she is fine and was in ICU (Intensive Care) and is now being looked after and is on the road to recovery and you do not need to send me any messages as I am fine as well and I would rather no messages regarding this issue be sent as it is a personal matter and I would like to keep it that way however it was a stressful time for myself and I can not have stress from the server inflicting on my life just at this point in time so I will still be on nearly every day however just for 2-3 weeks I will be less active than what I am normally on the server (Hours epr day wise) however in Teamspeak I will still be very active so if you have any issues or have a question do not be afraid to ask me as that is not stressful and I will gladly help any member/staff that requires help. Welshy is also on Less Active leave while he finishes up his studying courses and also goes away on a holiday, so he will also be still playing however his activity is dropping for a bit while he completes that and comes back from his holiday. Other notes: Be aware that more changes will be implemented and that any changes here can be changed if the community does not like it or they have better ideas for the community so please in posts below if you do not like any changes (Excluding Changes to Staff team as you can't change those) or you have a better idea for the community. Regards, Wolf & Whitey Staff Team Managment Team
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    Hey...it's me... There's no video... In case you are unaware, around 2 weeks ago, i made a post on the forums stating that I would be inactive for the duration of august due to IRL commitments getting to the 'pointy end'. In any case, I couldn't find the time thus far to make a video, and the fact that my headset is currently in for repair after my dogs broke it also raises some issues in terms of audio recording...So, i'm just gonna slap the results here. So, after MUCH delay which i am deeply apologetic for, here are the results. [By the way, there is some extra info at the end] The 'Too qualified for this' Award Who is the nerdiest person? 1st - Gatsby & Galen Erso 2nd - Archer & Thrawn 3rd - Keta & Emperor Palp The 'Jester in Shining Armour' Award Who is the most entertaining person 1st - Tinky 2nd - Emperor Palp 3rd - Adam, Peter & Galen Erso The 'Entertaining Demise' Award Who had the most entertaining PK? 1st - Carnifex 2nd -Cinder squad 3rd - Bossk The 'I AM SPARTACUS' Award Who is the most random person? 1st - Tinky 2nd - Bossk 3rd - Peter The 'Hidden Talent' Award Who has the best hidden talent and what is it? 1st - Rickle, for: Always knowing when someone is online and saying hello to them, Singing and ALSO being mute... 2nd - Hornet, for: Singing, being john Shover and doing BAD impressions... 3rd - Brass, for: Making spreadsheets... 3rd - Galen Erso, for: REDACTED ===================================================================================================== As you have probably noticed, whitey has been scratched out from every award... This is not my decision, this was an executive choice made by...higher ups... MOVING ON! i have a question i would like to ask you! ''Would you like to see a unique, once off host, for August's Imperial Awards?" Thank you all very much, and have a lovely day - Hornet
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    CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS OF BATCH 2/5. Please PM me on the forums, discord or steam. _________________________________________________________________________________ MAJOR CATEGORY WINNER ($13.99 - $14.99): @Anthony MINOR CATEGORY WINNER ($9.99 - $11.99): @Delta RUNNER UP CATEGORY WINNER ($4.99 - $9.99): @[IG] Tackxo CONSOLATION CATEGORY WINNER ($0.99 - $4.99): @Emerald _________________________________________________________________________________
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    A Mexican Magician tells the Audience that he will disappear on the count of 3. He says, " Uno, dos..." *poof* .... he disappeared without a tres.
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    hElLo mEmBeRs oF ImPeRiAl gAmInG iN OrDeR To cOmMeMoRaTe mY 2,000tH PoSt oN ThEsE FoRuMs, I HaVe dEcIdEd tO RuN YeT AnOtHeR StEaM GaMe kEy gIvEaWaY, tHiS TiMe wItH 20 pRiZeS Up fOr gRaBs. AlL YoU NeEd tO Do eNtEr iS PoSt yOuR SiNgLe bEsT JoKe iN ThE CoMmEnTs bElOw. If i fInD It fUnNy, YoU WiLl wIn a pRiZe. GeT MeMeInG - Or just create a post below without a joke, I don't care -
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    Now, Range Troopers/Mimban Troopers would be even better as a regiment. They would have a valid RP reason for existence and an actual role to train, that being rough terrains. This allows for a more diverse training method other than climbswep/shooting/faces and you could include how to traverse on rough land. It should be set out as a simple regiment with basic weapons that has varying HP amounts as you go up in the ranks, and the command structure would be under IHC generals, as that is the closest thing to the Imperial Army regiments (non-ST corp regiments). The weaponry should include the E-11b for the Range Trooper and the DLT-19 for the Mimban Troopers, with varying equipment as you go up. That's what a normal balanced regiment looks like.
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    This reminds me of when I got 3rd choice of getting Palpatine when there were was a rare, exclusive chance to somewhat apply for the role where ultimately Zaspan won the role. That is what is mainly and normally is, a short yet detailed Google Forms application which is usually exclusive to staff and/or trusted and/or veteran members of the community. It is ultimately up to the Management Team however, as Emperor Palpatine is an incredibly powerful and unique role (obviously). The same applies to Darth Vader.
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    NERDIEST PERSON... HOW DARE YA. On another note.. Did you know The first known occurrence of the word nerd, undefined but illustrated, dates from 1950 and is found in If I Ran the Zoo, a children's book by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel). The book's narrator lists various imaginary creatures that he would keep in the zoo if he were allowed to run it, whatever objections other people might raise to his projects: "And then, just to show them, I'll sail to Ka-Troo And Bring Back an It-Kutch a Preep and a Proo A Nerkle a Nerd and a Seersucker, too!" (The nerd is a small humanoid creature looking comically angry.)
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    CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS OF BATCH 1/5. Please PM me on the forums, discord or steam. _________________________________________________________________________________ MAJOR CATEGORY WINNER ($13.99 - $14.99): @Auzii MINOR CATEGORY WINNER ($9.99 - $11.99): @Anthony RUNNER UP CATEGORY WINNER ($4.99 - $9.99): @Emerald CONSOLATION CATEGORY WINNER ($0.99 - $4.99): @Snow _________________________________________________________________________________
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    Hi everyone just thought I would share some of the Logo's I have been making lately. First is my Imperial Gaming Logo. Tried to go for a more natural feel with this one. P.s. The photo was taken by me Second is my Navy Logo. @Cody Feel free to use this. Will add more Logos in the near future. - Snow
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    Unbanned - Please use this time wisely to reflect on your behaviour. You will be on a good behaviour period of 3 months where if you are warned you will be required to have a meeting with management or be banned again permanently.
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    @Wolf Guess you are looking for a new community manager then? (This is a joke and Wolf knows that for the people panicing}
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    What is it with the infatuation of being 'the best of the best'. Just because they're genetically altered to be faster, stronger, and 'more elite' doesn't hold up any reason to offer the entire fucking imperial arsenal towards supplying them. To which division would these people serve? The imperial army? Well, that would leave them neglected and without purpose. ISB? Right... MHC/IMC? Again, would be without purpose. This has quite literally no point or benefit that pushes this to be added. And the argument that the player base could be boosted from this is ludicrous. I can just see towering egos of people that would get this role (more than likely through favoritism) and the belittling of others simply because they have an E-11 and a prayer that they don't die today. IN MY OPINION: If you want a regiment to be elite. If you want them to be the best of the best, and to follow the rest of the troopers to victory, if you want GOOD troopers. Give them less shit to work with. If you were to supply them with LESS then they would have to learn to work around it. If you just gave them more, their pretentiousness would shoot through the roof, thinking they're better. All you need to make a good regiment is respect. Which is why so many 'elite' regiments fizzle out.
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    To improve on my recent comment, this is essentially one of these regiments that are just radiating “REEEeeEEEEEEeeeeeEeeEeee give me more rights than everyone else because one of our troopers has a saber”. the issue with this is that the regiment will like to think they’re better than everyone else, which was the case with a regiment which was like this on another server. This caused some disputes which were in hindsight unneeded. -1
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    What do women and tornadoes have in common? They both moan like hell when they come and take the house when they leave. (please don't murder me)
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    Steam Details Steam Name: WeePooStinky Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17805264 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HammerTheGodOfWar/ In Game Details In Game Name: My ingame name is Renolds In Game Rank: My current rank is officer cadet In Game Regiment: My ingame regiment is the storm commandos Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes I have used pac before. during my time on various roleplay servers I began experimenting with basic pac designs they where not amazing but where kept basic and within roleplay rules. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I belive I can be trusted with pac because I would not use it for misguided purposes and utilise it for roleplay purposes and adding a little bit of character to the various troopers and people I will be roleplaying as. although not that people remember me these days I have been apart of IG for a long time now and have always maintained good behaviour and have always stayed out of trouble. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I have always been fascinated by the wonderful creations that people have created using pac as well as the vast potential that it can be used to improve various activities on the ship whether it be creating interesting scenarios or creating event characters with personality and charm pac always manages to wow me everytime. I would like tohave access to pac to be able to improve my skills with it and to also help those in creating interesting scenarios and event characters. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I deserve pac because I have always maintained myself as being a friendly rule abiding member of this community. I have never gained any warns or gotten into trouble with staff and I always try to be that guy who is willing to help others out if i can PAC3 Examples A simple pac I made for storm commandos A pac that I made for an old clonwars server for a wookie There are other examples I could post but i don't think its good to overflow this topic with images. well thats it folks. Let me know is there is anything I need to change in this application cheers renolds
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    Can you imagine how cool it would be to see these two host an Imperial Awards
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    There aren't "applications" per say, it is usually from a list of people who are either higher-ranking staff, high ingame ranks or are mature/well known/respected around the community. If you have a shot at being Dank Voder or Papa Palpatine, you'll know about it.
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    hahah funny /wrists flex neck flex wrist flex my will to live cinder squad
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    We cannot Allow Pinejack to get 2000 posts.
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    Follow the PAC3 application requirements, practice PAC3 in single player and make decent creations and use the various online resources to help you out (also look at previously accepted applications).
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    Hey! from what I've heard the milsim is discontinued for the next few weeks due to devs and server managers being busy with work and other IRL stuff. hopefully, the servers will be back up and running within a few weeks
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    I want to see him only if he dies horribly afterwards
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    Delta, you are pretty bloody strong to speak up about this. I respected you so much before this post because of Shore Troopers like a year ago and this legit boosted you from 100% to 200%
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