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    -Leaves with other EM- -Develops new server with other EM- -Leaves new server upon its resounding failure- -Comes back- -Attempts to join weak regiment in order to get easy Command role- Solid game plan Chief. 7/10 - Could have used more jump scares. imlegittoxicsorrybutnotreally
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    Hi, It has occurred to me I have never written an introduction. My name is Gregis (not really), and in-game you'll find me as Doctor Galen Erso Tarkin PK'ED me for drinking (This was planned btw for all those people who cry about me getting pk'ed and then getting Galen) I like building things that kill people in game, and yelling at people. I'm just finishing my last year of school and hoping to go into mechatronic engineering when i finish I like Mountain bikes. I am mildly intoxicated as its my 18th, but i want you too all know i love you I hope this extremely detailed insight into my life has provided you with enough knowledge of me.
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    As some of you may be aware, recently I got demoted for being mass promoted. I was entirely unaware of this taking place, but am content with taking the demotion as it is only fair. But. When I joined 224th I went down two ranks from WOII too Master Sergeant, after my demotion I am now a Sergeant. Why wasn't I just put back to the rank I was when I joined 224th? I have trained several recruits and worked hard to make it to the rank of Master Sergeant so its a bit upsetting to be thrown back so much. Thank you for taking the time to consider my situation, I just want to understand why I have been demoted so drastically. Ana
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    Borderline bullying now bois, drop it.
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    Denied You may re-apply in 4 weeks.
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    (I know I not meant to post here but just to show you guys)
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    I have already have an event planned for Halloween sooo
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    This 'introduction' has gone off topic a fair bit so it'll be locked. Also, welcome back.
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    G I A N T tree up the middle of the battlestation for Christmas anyone?
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    Heya have not been on for the past week. this is because I have been super busy with my current production in amateur theatre. and also because I literally cannot join the server, because lua panic errors, map errors, gmod not installing fast dl, even crc errors, it’s one error to the next, and to the next, then to the next. i have not even seen what the Death Star map actually looks like. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. i really want to get on, but I quite literally can’t. i have today and tomorrow to fix it, then I’m out until Sunday with shows. so I’m probably not going to be on until after Sunday. Which sucks, cause I would really like to. anyway, Have a nice day, or night, wherever you are.
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    Ahh, an introduction Great Guy, Fun to talk to, See you around a lot My Alliteration Welcome Gregis who Goes as Galen, Greets with a Giant Glowing Grin like a Gaping Galapagos tortoise. ;D
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    Imperial RP | Server Rules & Guidelines General Rules: Serious RP at all times. No minging. No FailRP (Fail Roleplay). No RDM (Random Deathmatch) outside of roleplay. No breaking NLR (New Life Rule) within reason. No RDA (Random Arrest). No micspamming. No metagaming (using information from OOC (Out Of Character) sources to influence roleplay). No racism. No bullying/harassment. This includes player, staff and regiment disrespect. No inappropriate or provocative names. No lore character names unless approved by Senior Admin+. No impersonating other members of the community. No advertising other Garry’s Mod communities on any platform (server, forums, Teamspeak, DIscord, Steam Group). In all cases, AOS (Arrest On Sight) should be used over KOS (Kill On Sight) unless Imperial High Command or high-ranking Sith such as Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader say otherwise. Blaster-wielders (troopers) are NOT to shoot saber-wielders (Sith & Jedi) unless they are directly attacked or allowed to by an Event Master. If a saber-wielder engages another saber-wielder, all blaster-wielders are to disengage.Same with saber wielders engaging event troopers. No camping Event character spawns (sitting by their spawn point and mercilessly and constantly killing them). Locations restricted to Sith (i.e. Sith Temple) are KOS unless entry is approved by Darth+. You must follow all rules and restrictions listed on in-game noticeboards such as Tarkin’s Law and the Generals’ Legislations, even if they are not posted on this thread. These laws and legislation may change at any time. Use common sense. Do as your character should do in the RP situation. No using Alt Accounts, If court using an Alt Account you will recieve a Permaban on the Alt Account. If Caught using an Alt to avoid a Ban, both accounts will recieve a Permaban. You must wait 3 days before joining another regiment unless approved by management. Do not spam OOC otherwise you will be warned. Security / ISB Rules: No RDA (Random Arrest). No tasing Event characters unless approved by the hosting Event Master. No abusing tasers (Only to be used during arrest or capture). After detaining a prisoner in a cell, you must list correct RFA (Reason For Arrest) codes in comms to validate their arrest. If this does not happen, the prisoner can legally be let free through OOC or RP means. You have the right to ask anyone to show their keycard but if you wish to search or pat down somebody, you must have a valid reason to do so. You may not interrogate anybody not accused of a crime or wrongdoing. All players are innocent until proven guilty. You may interrogate a player if they are a suspect of a crime or wrongdoing. All Event characters may be interrogated unless disapproved by the hosting Event Master. You can only arrest people for 30 mins MAX. Flying / Piloting Rules: No ship ramming (flying into players or other ships). Do not enter a vehicle unless approved by high-ranking officials or members of staff. Do not climb or jump onto ships without a valid reason. You may not shoot at vehicles without the approval of an Event Master unless it is during an active combat situation. Only Officer Cadets and above can obtain a Pilot’s Licence. If a trooper who holds a Pilot’s Licence is demoted below Officer Cadet, their licence is no longer valid. Sith / Force-User Rules: Do not use Force powers (Lightning, Combust, Choke) you have not learnt within roleplay. You may not abuse any Force powers. If you are caught abusing your powers, you will have your knowledge of them revoked and you will have to learn the power again. Igniting your lightsaber is considered a discharge of your weapon and you can be arrested. No Force choking in events unless approved by the hosting Event Master. Remain close to the troopers when advancing unless pursuing an enemy saber-wielder. Sith must have a valid reason to enter certain areas (Bridge, Brig, Government offices, etc) Sith has no military power, even when assigned to a regiment. Therefore, Sith cannot order troopers at any time. This does not apply to Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Sith are not to be force leaping down low roof corridors. Regiment Rules: Do not mass promote members in your regiment (promoting at excessive rates/speed) unless approved by high-ranking officials AND members of staff. Do not bully or put down other regiments (regimental disrespect). Doing so will result in you and your regiment being set to recruit. To be promoted to Sergeant, a Corporal must take a written, Regional Government-certified Google Forms test with members of the Regional Government. To be promoted to Second Lieutenant, a Warrant Officer I must take a written, Regional Government-certified test with members of the Regional Government. Sergeants and above must assist in training recruits. Failure to upkeep the training of recruits will lead to a demotion and must retake their written test. Jetpack users must not abuse their jetpack, it is a privilege that can be easily taken away. Only security regiments (Shock Troopers, Riot Troopers, Death Troopers, Chimaera Squad, 996th Imperial Guards) are allowed to have their weapon on DEFCON 5 unless approved by a higher rank in roleplay with a valid reason. If you a military trooper, you must salute all superiors, including Sith superiors. If you are Navy/ISB/Government, you must salute high ranking members of the military, Navy, ISB and Government and bow to high-ranking Sith. Bounty Hunter Rules: Refer to the Bounty Hunter Rules & Manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17yN1mTV45RjPyz7__Q-y7TB1TJ72Xlf9Xm2OZKzcVDo/edit Media Player / Mess Hall Rules: Do not post videos that are over 15 minutes in length. Roleplay is still semi-active when watching the Media Player and within the Mess Hall. The Mess Hall is NOT an OOC zone unless approved by a member of staff. No explicit content. This includes racist, provocative, confronting or pornographic content. PAC3 Rules: Refer to the PAC3 rules megathread: http://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/topic/2840-pac3-rules-updated-15042018/ Tryout / Training Rules: Refer to the Commanding Officer Handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T9EwxBjdw1rSoJdsUmAWWtQLPfohdz4LCRFujm7fyx8/edit?usp=sharing Only sith training/tryouts can put KOS on the training/tryouts area. Permakill Rules: Perma-kills may only be approved by Senior Admin+. When you have been permakilled, you are bound by the rules that you are set by the Senior Admin+ that approved your permakill. Character death or departure solely through the use of a name change is permitted within reason. Your character must have a notable/rememberable death or departure for this to be approved. This is not the same as a permakill. Other Server Rules & Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M_qXTTHWzw2FU3jkg4ieCCDOhTz6lxonPyK8p0qYHX4/edit#gid=0 Important Abbreviations/Acronyms Miscellaneous/Other AOS = arrest on sight KOS = kill on sight RDM = random deathmatch RDA = random arrest NLR = new life rule PAC3 = Player Appearance Customiser Player/Situation Status RP = roleplay OOC = out of character COMMS - communications AFK = away from keyboard ASAP = as soon as possible KIA = killed in action MIA = missing in action PK = player/permanent kill EM = Event Master DEFCON = Defence Readiness Condition SITREP = situation report Organisations/Regiments IHC = Imperial High Command ISB = Imperial Security Bureau NIA = Naval Intelligence Agency TI = Tarkin’s Initiative OTE = Office of the Emperor AWRT = Advanced Weapons Research Team/Division CL = clearance level PL = Pilot’s Licence CO = Commanding Officer 2IC = Second in Command Locations MH = Main Hangar DB = Debrief Area ISD = Imperial Star Destroyer DS = Death Star HQ = headquarters LZ = landing zone FOB = forward operating base Orientation N = north S = south E = east W = west
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    I suggest everyone put themselves in the victim's shoes, would you really forgive someone for doxing you? Imagine how distraught or scared the victim would be to see that this person might actually be unbanned. And I suggest @Ahiozest that in later events that you actually show forbearance before you act on something. You may have been angry at the victim, although, that does not mean you can dox him.
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Ahiozest Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:155357802 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Karrar1andOnly In Game Details In Game Name: Ahiozest In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permaban Which staff member banned you: Whitey What date did the ban occur: 13th September 2018 What was the reason for the ban: Doxxing Users Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I spreaded someones private information after being heated up by the person on a discord call, although i wasn't the one who found them and posted them first but I still posted them which makes me guilty and the person who i did this to felt threatened so he contacted the staff member to ban me. Of course i knew it was coming. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I'm asking for forgiveness from both Staff and the community for my wrong doings to a member of this community. I've previously made a ban appeal but it felt like the wound that I've created was too fresh for a early ban appeal so i accepted being denied. And now applying second time to show my dedication that i just wan't to have fun with my friends on this server (not to minge) but actually RP. I've gotten along with the person who i did this to so there won't be any trouble between us on the server. After all it was a stupid mistake that i shouldn't have done in the first place hopefully the staff team can forgive me and i can enjoy my stay on IG.
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    From, Trial Moderator Aphrodite Under Secretary Aphrodite 16/10/18 To, Community Manager Whitey Director Whitey “A new moff, in particular, a man by the name of Tiaan Jerjerrod.” As a human male hailing from the Core Worlds specifically Tinnel IV - he grew up attending an Engineering Academy before being noticed for his skillset and joining the Galactic Empire as a Starship Designer. He progressed through the ranks of the Galactic Navy and achieved Rear Admiral. Most importantly he helped build the original Death Star the extent of his influence on the project isn’t known so that frees up some Roleplay potential. Technically he became an Imperial Moff after the destruction of the first Death Star but I think that can be slightly retconned for IG and say he was promoted due to his assistance in the creation. He was also a member of the “Joint Chiefs”. Mainly I think this role could be used a potential stepping stone moving forward if we ever go to the DS-02. Until then he still would play a vital role in regards to Roleplay on the server whilst in a grey area of his lore.
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    Hi Anna, The harshness of the demotions were in line with both Tarkin's laws ( Now deemed outdated) and unspoken Role Play rules. However, we will be updating both Tarkin's laws and the commanders handbook to better outline mass promotion rules which in-turn will eliminate the ambiguity of the rule. As per our discussion on discord, you will receive the rank of Master Sergeant. ( The rank you were before the mass promotion commenced )
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    Holy cow this thread is toxic AF
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    This is Boris - Representative of Boris Industries Our Sub Department - Boris Pictures and Motion Films would like to turn this story into a film. Universal Stuidos promises gross profits of 34%. My sub-department, under section 5 paragraph 4 line 8 word 7 of the Motion Pictures at "And" Is a resounding reason you should choose Boris Industries. If you do not a Hit Squad will be deployed on your family and yourself Boris Representative of Boris Industries
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    Streaming Rules Evidence found from streams may be used by staff. Evidence found in streams may not be used in RP. Streamers cannot be promoted on the server. Defamation of Imperial Gaming or other communities will not be allowed within recognised streams. If you are a staff member streaming. Admin Chat and claims must not be visible. Streamers must have vods enabled. Terms & Conditions Recognised Streamers accept that they are a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that they are given a recognised position as a streamer to help enhance the communities experience. They accept that they may be removed as a recognised streamer at any time by management without prior warning. They have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not they will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
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    oh well dont unban me then i was really going to rp
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    +1 - Extremely mature - Great kid P.S I'm going well
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    Media Team is out with a new video! Hope you all enjoy! DS-01 Cinematic video should be coming soon so stay tuned for that.
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    -1 After the sassy ban appeal you previously made, you don't deserve to be unbanned. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I'm so sowwy I dwidn't mean uwu ahhhhhh I wiww be bwetta in da fwuta i pwomise reeeee. if you really cared about trying to get unbanned you wouldn't have done the stupid one in the first place.
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