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    Birth Name: Emily Faye ---------------------------------------- Designation: Regional Government ---------------------------------------- Preferred name: Hex ---------------------------------------- Race: Human ---------------------------------------- Age: 23 ---------------------------------------- Current Rank: Deputy Clerk ---------------------------------------- Early Life Emily Faye was born into a rich idealistic household on the planet Coruscant, her father, Brandon Faye, was an Imperial Engineer working under Tarkins Initiative on Project REDACTED Her mother, Emilia Faye was a secretary under the command of the Wilhuff Tarkin. When Emily was born, she was named after her mother, and was enrolled in a Private Imperial School. Emily's father, was executed when Emily turned 14, after the Director of the ISB found out there had been a security breach, her mother, outraged, took Emily and tried to flee to a resistance planet. Emily, who had been attending an Imperial School, knew that her mother was committing treason and sent out a message, which was intercepted and the vessel was apprehended. Emily's mother was Executed for Treason against the Empire, and Emily inherited all of the families wealth. Emily was deeply shamed by her family, and dropped the name Emily Faye for the name Hex. Hex was congratulated for her valiant action and loyalty to the Empire at such a young age, and was enrolled in an Elite College for the Gifted, where she lived in a small dorm with her roommate. after, she went to a prestigeous Imperial College, she studied Law and graduated in the high achievers. Hex submitted an Application for the Administration and Logistics Division of the Regional Government under the leadership of the Chief of Staff 'Jet'. Hex possesses knowledge of Engineering after watching her father work at a young age and is good friends with the Chief Forman 'Butcher'. After passing her Trial Period, Hex was assigned to the Imperial High Command and is now the rank of 'Deputy Clerk'.
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    @Zeta Regional Government, Chief of Staff. Try drawing that lol.
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    2nd screenshot i ever took on the server, 23 May 2017
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    This was one of the first screenshots I took on the server with my new computer. (I didn't back up any of the old ones - f*ck). I could probably find super old ones if I looked hard enough (eg. through my old harddrive), but eh.
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    Earliest picture I still have from the server, December 16th, 2016 https://imgur.com/059b4RE
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    Misty, Task force 99 yes shes a chick.
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    When you get no ID, So you force to give ID
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    ^ Agreed +1 could use some pictures of your pac creations
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    Navy OR Widow Squad soldier Mathieu Scheff Chef Jr. - you have free will over choosing the human version, AI Secretary version or the AI Storm Marine version (/me discreetly elbows or all three combined hehe) Death Trooper Commander 73-01 Chef - i.e. your daddy Sorry for being needy/picky, it's just who I am. /me dabs I'll post relevant pics when I get home from school, just try to think really hard in the meantime. Alternatively there are several pictures of me on the forums which you can dig for. @Zeta take a squizz at these random images...
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    Could I get one that says 'Sudo Kye- A Starwars Story' [THIS COLOUR; #cc3366] With the background like the following;
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    Sure lol, I'll try and color em then xd (Keep in mind I don't have a drawing tablet lol )
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    Let's work together, you make the drawings, and I'll turn it into a photoshop image EDIT: I realise now how difficult it will be to get high def images of some characters. Rip me
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    I love it, I turn on the news to make sure it wasnt a real siren warning me of inbound ICBM
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    these cool bois (The pic at top)
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    "Wha What!?!?!? other people think of things first W0aH"
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    I couldn't be more proud to be involved in a community that cares this much about a charity. $2000 is still an insane amount of money, despite the fact that PayPal thought that Wolf had converted to Isis and was attempting to fund a bomb vest. So very happy to be apart of IG!
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    Wow, this man truly deserves to be unbanned, what a pillar of the community.
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    If this is the same Xane that was in DT when Trigon was commander, -1. Might be a different person but at this moment I dont trust you with pac until I get on the server and check you out
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    This is old, very old. [UPLOADED: Jan 5 2017]
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    Miss me with that Gae Shit @Chef... I agree with what ever @LimeStrider wants because lime is always right.
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    must not be showing up on mine
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    This is the current size that commanders can fill their regiment too, the support and heavy jobs are minimum to 1 person only and are included in your Cap Size. Keep in mind that this can change in the future. Will be updated and maintained by Carnifex.
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Capacis Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:131154782 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/im-reforemd-plz-unban In Game Details In Game Name: Greg or Tyrone(Cant remember) In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Troopers Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Carnifex What date did the ban occur: I don't know, I was banned when I wasn't on the server. What was the reason for the ban: Constant Minge | No intent to rp Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I was playing around on the server, goofing off just being an all-around nuisance towards the ST Brigader by messing around in training. I then ran off and was AOS and killed, after I was killed we were trapped in ST bunks by ISB and ST's, because of this we all said we were at a LAN party and went AFK in hopes of them leaving. However, when they didn't leave, I then disconnected from the server to have dinner unknowingly banned after I disconnected. I then logged onto the server like a week ago and found out I was banned. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I've been a member of the IG community for a long time, and I have supported the community for a long time as well, although I may not play on the server actively I still enjoy coming back and having a chat with people in game and having a look at the new updates and all the awesome new changes, however, I'm unable to do that when I'm banned. I apologize for messing around during ST training and being a general nuisance to the people taking it seriously, I would like for my ban to be removed or shortened due to my reasons stated, and I regret everything I did, and I'm truly sorry.
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