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  2. Ramirez

    Your idols in life

    Garry Newman for sure
  3. Mauler

    Your idols in life

    It is but he is also the God Father of Robotics
  4. Maffa146

    Your idols in life

    Isn't that an awp skin?
  5. Sudo

    Microphone Problems

    Mostly, I can play any other game and talk but as soon as I get on Garry's Mod it will stop working (even steam call works) I have recently factory reset gmod and it did not work.
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  7. Twinkie

    Bob. - Trial Moderator Application

    Biggest +1 ever. Bob is one of the best candidates for the role, he is a responsible and mature player and never messes around.
  8. Tonberry

    Your idols in life

    Tosin Abasi or Paul Waggoner (Are you guys seriously looking up to Trump or is this a meme I don't get? Don't wanna make things political, but you DO know he's a massive idiot as well as a colossal dick, right?)
  9. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.

    Glad I made this sub or chat or post or whatever... good memes
  10. Okay look, Thanks to everyone who posted here. You have no idea how much this means to me (relating to both positive and negative comments). I'm pretty sure no one else is going to respond to this, being that it has been up for a while now. I'm still in shock relating to how many people actually want me to be an em, I love the feed back and support the community has shown me. Sincerely, Peter. <3
  11. Luxither

    Auzii's Pac3 Tier 1 - Application

    +1 I feel he's trustable with PAC3 and his an active player.
  12. Steam Details Steam Name: Luxither Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:66775796 Steam ID64: 76561198093817321 Steam Profile link: In Game Details In Game Name: Kujo (Formally Carolina) In Game Rank: Staff Sergeant In Game Regiment: Tank Troopers (The Rarest Breed of them all) Time Played: PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes, most predominately on Silence's FalloutDarkRP, an American Fallout DarkRP server (As the name describes) Why should you be trusted with PAC: I personally feel I can be trust with PAC because I feel I am mature enough to hold the powers PAC gives, that being personalising your character, as evident of my lack of Warns. I've also had around a years worth of experience of using PAC so I know most of the "Dos & Don'ts" that follow along with any PAC usage on a RP server. Why do you want access to PAC: Besides wanting to customise my RP characters freely, I also feel I wish to stand out, however not draw too much attention to myself either. A perfect way to sum this up is that I want to be something you glance at while walking throughout the ship, not where you stop and go "Woah, that's cool" but just something that you look at and think to yourself "I like how he looks." I also don't want to be confused with Frank, because it does happen sometimes & it annoys me sometimes. Finally, its the RP, I as Kujo want to RP as a Rich Kid who often throws money at his non-military problems (The reason why he has the Credits Pouch) and this would help immensely with fulfilling that role. Why do you believe you deserve PAC: I feel the customisation that PAC3 gives me will be use to good use due the variety of situations I go through as a Tank Trooper. I also wish to strive to make PACs that will fit (Somewhat) well into LORE and not make some people question my character's look. Finally, I feel at this point I've played on the server long enough to be eligible for PAC within my own eyes, some people I've seen have applied with only a Day or two on the server which really doesn't seem to be long enough for me. PAC3 Examples: General Look of the PAC (The Weapons do come off when I pull them out) Hologram that pops up every time I'm chatting, the guy in the Hologram is meant to be Leader Frank Sitting down Event Personal Signet (Three are located on the handplates & Chest) Credit Pouch (Based the credit's color from an image I found on Google Images) Where the Credits and Body Signet are located on the body. Helmet details (I don't know what to call them) close up Thanks for looking at me old PAC, might add more at a later date.
  13. Rickle

    Bob. - Trial Moderator Application

    HUGE +1 For Bob. Extremely Active, Never Minges, Great Roleplayer, His app is extremely detailed and well thought out. Overall Great Guy and I personally believe Bob deserves Trial Moderator. Goodluck -Rickle.
  14. Splonter

    Anyone got Climb Swep Courses?

    I've got 1 that only 1 person has ever been able to complete. Hit me up if you want to try it.
  15. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Uncle Bobby B Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:97104670 Steam Profile link: In Game Details In Game Name: Bob. In Game Rank: High Colonel In Game Regiment: Medical Troopers Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): Before reset: 6 days / After reset: 2 weeks 2 days / Total play time: 3 weeks 1 day. Applicants History & Reasons Have you had any warns (If so state them): I have never had a warn before. Have you had any bans (If so state them): I have never been banned. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them): I have not been staff on any other server before, this would be my first time and it's the only server I play on. What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server: The role of the moderator is an important one to fill in a community as they are there to make sure everyone on the server and within the community are having a fun and exciting time while also following all the rules put in place which staff members enforce. A good moderator is one that keeps the environment of the server safe and enjoyable for other members and resolving any issues that players may have. These issues can be anything ranging from a player needing tools for building, someone being stuck in a wall or roof and a player being harassed/bullied by another member. They are there to ensure no server rules are being broken such as RDM, micspma, meta-gaming etc, and to help players resolve any issues they may have. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator: When I first came to this community, I had no intent on staying and was only there to muck around or minge, after seeing how each member is treated by another, I stayed and was welcomed with open arms and treated well by everyone. I have made some great friends and met some amazing people withing this community and it has given me a sense of belonging. I now wish to give back to this community which has given me a second home, I wish to support all players on the server both new and old just like they have helped me. The staff team have helped me countless times with professionalism and kindness which motivates me to push for this position as I have always been helped when I needed it. I have the desire to help all players with any questions and issues they may have to the best of my ability. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team:I am an active member in this community with a friendly and positive attitude which makes me more approachable and easy to talk to regarding any questions and concerns a player may have on the server. I have the willingness and ability to learn new things so I am able to take up new roles and challenge myself with my dedication to helping people. I enjoy getting among the community and getting to know all the players, especially those that are new so that they have someone they can talk to and they feel welcomed, I am a trustworthy person with a passion for helping others and if there is a way I can help them, i will do my best to do just that. I have never been in any trouble or been warned, banned or kicked so I have a level head and I don't cause any dramas. Scenarios Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?: Firstly I would get any evidence which may include video/photographic items from anybody who witnessed the action and proceed to check the logs and find out the steam ID of the player. I would then warn that player for mass RDM and by how much ( x5 for example) and DC to avoid any punishment. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?: I would separate both of the players to give them each a chance to explain to me their side of the story. I would ask the victim for any evidence they may have and then get the other person's side of the story, I can use the evidence if there is any and if the bully is telling the truth based on the evidence and any more they may provide to decide on a punishment which is either a one-time verbal warning or a warning for harassment or player disrespect. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?: I would ask them to stop abusing their role within the community and ruining the time for other members and try reason with them to stop and gather any photographic/video evidence to show the management team and make a staff report. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?: I would immediately gather any evidence/details I have on the player and notify other online staff members of the situation. I would proceed to watch the player, making sure not to alert him as if he is serious about his threat then he might just DDOS when he spots me spectating. NOTE: Thank you all for taking the time to read my Trial Moderator application. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things you can and cannot do/rules: 1. You may bump your application every 7 days after the last bump/post by a user (1 week) 2. Any user may provide feedback by +1 and or -1 your application along with constructive criticism/feedback as long as it's not personally attacking the applicant or another member of the community. 3. Advertising your application in OOC, chat box, personally telling people and any sort of social media will lead to your application being denied for minimum 3 weeks. 4. Failing to answer questions can lead to your app being denied. 5. False information can lead to your application being denied. 6. Failing to meet the requirements can lead to either your app being put on hold or denied. 7. 5 or more warnings and your application will be denied immediately. 8. Must have at least 1 week on the server before applying. 9. Must have less than 2 bans to apply (Depending on the situation). 10. You may not increase the font size of the application above size 14 except the title which may be size 24. 11. Please be considerate of others when using colours in your application, all answers must be left in white. 12. Remember that your application is a reflection of yourself, your professionalism and maturity. Not showing professionalism and maturity in your application will lead to it being denied. 13. If your application is denied you may not apply for Trial Moderator for 2 weeks minimum. Terms I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
  16. lucifer

    McGee's PAC3 Tier 1 APP

  17. lucifer

    Game Night's

    Name: Lucifer Discord Name: Lucifer Game Request: -Warframe -Rainbow Six Siege (PC) -Arma 3 -Unturned -For Honor -Tom Clany Wildlands -Counter Strike Global Offensive -The Forest -Hearts of Iron 4 many more Game you play: All of them
  18. Omoshiroii

    Bailey's Introduction

    I'm Bailey ingame, Omo on Steam (Add me there) and I'm currently apart of SCAR, I've just shown up on the server and I'm looking forward to playing. People may know me from other servers, as well as from the Imperial Gaming Clone Wars MilSim where I run the section Bravo-1-5. Some things about me, I'm a texture artist, model creator and I've had 4 years in the texturing business, working with Project Borealis on some things in order to help them with their Half-Life 3 fan game. I also enjoy Climb SWEP and think its just about my only redeeming quality, because I'm good at it. If anyone wants to know anything, just ask, I'll gladly answer. Also, I know I've done like, 3 of these, but I always make them, leave and then come back and I mean, its good to update who I am anyway.
  19. Hey there, I'm Omo, Bailey ingame, nonetheless recently I've been doing a bunch of Climb SWEP courses on the server that I've been given by Kamelieon and some others, and everyone seems to have their own unique spin and style on courses, I've done pretty much every course that's been thrown at me, so if anyone has any that are particularly interesting, hard or unique, DM me ingame, I'd love to see them. Kind Regards - Bailey
  20. Rickle

    Pluto's Pac3 App

    +1 Goodluck -Rickle
  21. Rickle

    McGee's PAC3 Tier 1 APP

    +1 Goodluck -Rickle
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