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  2. Gregis


    OK first of just to clarify. I'm not critiquing the Event team, the work you do is amazing and the effort you put in, for US to have an enjoyable experience is amazing. So recently, i don't know if i'm imagining things but we are having a lot of off-ship events. I like a good off-ship event, were a lot of effort has been put in and its well planned out, but recently there has been a few i'm not in complete agreeance with. The problem's with going off-ship... -Loading in (This is a pain in the Ass for G-mod) -Setting up and waiting for everyone to load in -FRAMES (G-mod is just... grrr) -Joining mid event can cause problems -Broken spawn points! (This has been a recent theme) Now i don't want to completely eradicate off-ship events, they are great and worth the hassles when they are done right, but recently i feel like the events we are doing Off-ship just haven't been worth it. My suggestion, keeping in mind this is only a suggestion is that we step back from doing so many events and maybe focus on making more of those Unforgettable events. Like i said I LOVE THE EVENT TEAM AND CANNOT THANK THEM ENOUGH. Your work for the most part is amazing this is just a suggestion, from someone who's never run an event, so don't be cut please i'm just providing input. Anyway, Leave thoughts/further suggestions below
  3. Rickle

    Percival's Event Master Application

    +1 Goodluck -Rickle
  4. Today
  5. Crunchy

    Percival's Event Master Application

    +1 my guy great person and like the events good luck
  6. Percival

    Percival's Event Master Application

    Well, I edited the Events.
  7. You are always allowed to edit.
  8. Percival

    Percival's Event Master Application

    Is it against the application to edit the post?
  9. Gregis

    Percival's Event Master Application

    NEUTRAL I wanna give you this +1 man just put more detail in your events <3
  10. Steam name: [IG]QuantumPercival Age: 18 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:151475164 In Game Name and Rank: Officer Cadet 《97-14》 Percival Time Played (Server Time): Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): Yes, I have been warned for RDM, however, it was under 16 players and the person involved (Oatmeal) knew it was a joke, I do deeply regret my decision after receiving the warning. Have you been Event Master on any other servers (If so state them): No I have not, however, I am more than willing to learn. Why are you applying to become an Event master: Even though I do not have any experience as an Event Master I still hope to become an Event Master so that I may express my creativity whilst creating a fun and enjoyable event, during my time on the server I have been inspired by many other Event Masters who devise new creative events that are usually fun. I hope to bring my ideas and share them with the Event Master team, I plan to host events that are mostly linked to each other, creating a complex web of stories that all lead to an ending. What can you bring to the Event Master team: I hope to bring my creative ideas to the team and create many fun events that the community will remember. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: I hope to create events that allow the community to make decisions, these decisions will affect the direction the story takes which will ultimately lead to different endings whether a bad or good ending. Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands: I have basic knowledge of ULX commands as I was a moderator on a server known as Cybernetic which was a DarkRP server, however, the server did shut down. Please fill out both event ideas and provide as much detail as possible Idea 1: Pirates board the ship with the main objective being to steal all rations onboard the Chimaera, however upon discovering the power of the troops on board the Chimaera they are forced to attempt to halt the ship so that back up can arrive by either blowing up the reactor or heading up to the bridge. Upon discovering that they were low on rations, the high ranking officials order rations to the Chimaera however, these rations are tainted with an unknown chemical and only small amounts are edible. The high ranking officials must make a decision whether or not to take all the rations and feed it to the starving troopers or to the edible area and feed it to the necessary regiments. Take food and feed all: If the high-rank officials decide to feed all troopers with tainted food the troopers become sick and begin to faint, once awakening the troopers gain superhuman strength, however, they present a rabies-like symptom, attacking all in their way and breaching areas of importance, the medics are to find a cure to eradicate the disease. (I will personally go around and monetize who gets hit or not and change their models etc). After the infection, the rebels attack as they see this as an advantage due to the loss of many troopers to the infection, along the way they manage to take hostage a Major General. (Links to Idea 2, Start at Event 2) Feed necessary regiments: Once the troopers hear news of certain regiments not starving, a band of stormtroopers rebels against the high ranks in anger, as the situation escalates the stormtrooper begins planting bombs around important areas (I will go around and spawn the "bombs") (Links to Idea 2 Start at Event 1). Idea 2: Event 1 (Passive/Aggressive): Once the rebellion learns of a revolution set up by the stormtroopers, they hastily make way to rescue the Stormtroopers as they see them as not only valuable information but also as new recruits for the rebellion, four disguised rebellion members are sent onto the ship who act as ISB to conduct an investigation on the treasonous troopers, a bunch of droids is also sent to distract the other troopers whilst the disguised rebellions attempt to rescue the StormTroopers using stealth and escape through MH1 when MH2 is being distracted, along the way they somehow manage to get their hands on a Major General who they take hostage Event 2 (Aggressive off the ship): Luckily the Major General had a tracking device in his helmet leading, once the rebels land on the planet and return to their base, a full assault is sent attacking the base to not only eradicate the rebels hideout but to also rescue the major general. In the base however hidden information can be found of the whereabouts of Jedis and other hideouts of the rebels, If the Major General is killed, the information will be lost however if not the information will be found. Event 3 (Passive/Aggressive): Upon discovering the loss of their fellow rebels, another rebel sector send infiltrators into the Star Destroyer with the objective of blowing up the bridge, reactor and various other places, however, distrust within the rebel causes the Star Destroyer to be boarded with rebel troopers and a Jedi who attempt to blow up the certain areas themselves who then later reveal that the rebels have a person working from within feeding information to the rebels, ISB must find this person via the evidence that are left scattered around the ship and investigate the individual. I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my applications can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any times by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely. If not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation
  11. Peguin

    Peguin/ Kurt's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    @Head Coach Frank Requesting application to be denied for absence
  12. |Stryker|

    DS-01 - A Night of Pure Passion

    Can't wait to run into restricted areas to explore, its always funnier when the red bois are on your tail. heck I'll have to reinstall gmod again to checkout this map
  13. Peguin

    Cal's Intro

    What Em Said, good to have met you whilst I was still on the server man.
  14. Surabi123

    Surabi ban appeal

    You must of miss heard, why the **** would I say that... We were talking about the Mass rdm so I wanted to continue on that issue as I was banned for no reason. Please be reasonable, why would I say that in that situation....
  15. Emerald

    Surabi ban appeal

    I was there with Whitey and Cody, You said that before you got banned. I don't understand why you're lying on your Ban Appeal...
  16. +1 great guy would love to see him as a T-Mod
  17. Surabi123

    Surabi ban appeal

    Lol I didn't mass rdm, I didn't alt and that last thing was the biggest lie ever. I said can I please talk to you about the Mass Rdm as we were before... please stop making stuff up
  18. Sudo

    CS - A New Challenger Approaches (Finished)

    Mr. Unblacklisted
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