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  2. Ridge

    Skull's un ban appeal

    Pretty sure it would be more than not having an ID. Although, it was a long time ago so I don't see why you can't have a second third chance.
  3. Today
  4. +1 He would be an excellent addition to the "flimer" team.
  5. That's Going to be a +1 from me dawg.
  6. Arthryx

    Hammer's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    +1 This kid needs to grow up, and I think Pac3 would help him to do that
  7. Update- added a video that i recently made. Thank you all for the feedback it is very appreciated.
  8. Skull storm

    Skull's un ban appeal


    Skull's un ban appeal

    @Twinkie obviously had no malice behind what he wrote. He was directing Ridge to comment on this post so he can give relevant feedback since he was the one who banned you. Also, don't argue on your ban appeal, that just tends to dig you into a deep hole.
  10. Skull storm

    Skull's un ban appeal

    cause u think my brother is me instead not cool dude
  11. Skull storm

    Skull's un ban appeal

    So u think my brother and i cant have different steams to play different games owch
  12. SCHEFF

    Introduction :)

    Everyone is entitled of an opinion towards one another, whether it be positive or negative. With that said, take your drama somewhere else, it doesn't need to be seen here.
  13. Maffa146

    Introduction :)

    @Kix @Splonter The downvote? Sorry I hurt your knees. I'll get some knee pads for Robinson
  14. Hammer

    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

    +1 Based on your PAC creations I am giving you a +1, I haven't encountered you yet to be a minge, and I have seen you around the community a fair bit However, based on other community feedback I would recommend improving current status within the community Goodluck!
  15. Hammer

    Bevan's Tier 1 Application

    - Neutral - PAC creations are half decent, especially the first one. However, I would like to see more PAC creations relevant to 'Natasha Squadron'
  16. Hammer

    Gary's Pac3 Tier 1 App.

    - Neutral - Decent PAC Creations, however, I would like to see more unique creations specific to your character. [Willing to change to a +1 after additional PAC's added] Goodluck!
  17. Twinkie

    Skull's un ban appeal

    @Ridge (assuming it is you)
  18. Yesterday
  19. Morgan

    Waypoint system

    Though I have never played King of Hill, I understand what you're getting at here though this isn't what I'm suggesting. I'm going to provide a very shitty analogy for what I'm suggesting. Basically, I'm suggesting an advanced and cooler flare gun. One that can be used to mark locations around the map for players. Though I like what you're suggesting and if that can be implemented that would be very cool.
  20. Morgan

    Basil's PAC3 T1 application

    Neutral I don't really have any issues in your app besides a few grammar issues and the formatting (My own personal preference, doesn't have anything to do with your rating) but I would like to see some more PAC examples and more creative one because tbh most of the time when I see these new PAC apps all I see are people creating holograms and tbh its overused and boring. I may change my rating if you provide another set of more creative examples.
  21. Brass

    Basil's PAC3 T1 application

    +1 PAC's are extremely RP relevant Friendly and great guy, I trust he will not abuse PAC Great Roleplayer Active
  22. Brass

    Eclipse pac3 - tier 1

    +1 Great Roleplayer Dedicated member of the community Active Trusted by myself and others, will definitely not abuse PAC3
  23. Whitey

    Francis’s PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Denied - Due to previous issues
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